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Appendix XV:


"I" cannot speak for the artist in my audience, but "I" for one realize "I" have license to uphold the ethic of right-interpretation as best "I" can. Over time, paint decays and stone crumbles and the artist is called to re-search the subject and deliver esoteric messages anew. That would explain consistency as well as inconsistency from one century to the next, around the same sacred object.

Something important may have been omitted, changed, or added intentionally or by mistake in the restoration or re-creation process. Even if the original artist were at the side of the one duplicating the art, much can be missed or added. And even before the original existed, when adepts first commissioned the art and spoke directly to the artist, the artist still can only clumsily interpret the adept's intention.

Then there comes a time when the art becomes degraded from conventional use so as to become obsolete, perhaps missing the esoteric point of the transmission altogether. Who makes that determination is arguable, but if it is left to the artist you can bet [s])he will again take advantage of artistic license to revise the piece to fit current experience and contemporary times.

The visual depictions of Kundalini or sacred anatomy, come down to us today in 17th century renderings from India and is likely a re-rendering of much earlier works. In any case, to re-assign 17th century religious motifs to such a universal seems lost on a 21st century audience. So, as mentioned earlier, "I" decided to create a fresh and animated rendering in the 2007 DVD. See notes under the tab: "HEART" at top of screen.

Metasphere: The altered state of Heart DVD is intended as an aid to open-eyed meditation and pondering. Hopefully, some of that pondering will be on metasphere. In any case, enjoy that non-verbal communication of visual bliss. The work has received award and praise for its fresh, unusual, and brilliant approach and empowering impact. Bulk sale available, heart@metasphere.org

Metasphere: The Altered State of Art: James Guy continues with other creative art forms. See gallery under the tab: "& art "" at top of screen. Profits from the sale of these limited edition art pieces keep this website online in perpetuity: art@metasphere.org Go to the EVENTS tab at top of the screen for calendar of special showings and event venues.

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