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Appendix VIX:


Further intuition is that love and bliss are always already the case. It is "what is" and neither arise out of any intellection I can give them, rather out of a spontaneous something that can be called devotion. Unlike what is called worship, devotion is nothing "I" can do either, rather something done to me; just as love is nothing I can go get or go give, rather something I can only receive.

If it can be said that I have a spiritual practice today, it would be thankfulness or conscious episodes of gratitude . Both my intellectual and emotional reasoning convince me that even if I am in the depths of pain, misfortune, and not feeling the slightest bliss, that does not, in reality, diminish the possibility for love and bliss in those cases. And that would also apply in the midst of good fortune.

That a body is deserving of either love or bliss remains a mystery to me. It is as if "Consciousness" or What Is cannot show mind What Is but can somehow reveal What Is, bodily. Consciousness (with a capital "C") is also a word I do not use casually. There is no metaspheric rendering of the idea of Consciousness in the artifact, (the book) because Consciousness is not a participant in duality, rather it is reality.

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