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TIP: This appendix is about equal in length to the chronicle, so it too has been broken up into sections containing a mix of more personal experiences, questions that I have asked my self, demonstrations, and conclusions that may be supportive of your own life experience.

Before reading here, I suggest that you browse the book and the chronicle. That way, you will have a context in which these concluding remarks will be more useful.

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  1. Ripple effect
  2. Try this thought experiment
  3. Is (y)our "I" view God's "eye"?
  4. Can "I" do anything?
  5. Multitasking, mantra, and mindfullness
  6. What the Vak is Kundalini?
  7. Contact-high freak-out
  8. To be (a monk) or not to be (a devotee)
  9. Can anyone really "make" love?
  10. How should "I" know?
  11. Karma and the tool bench (a demonstartion)
  12. Open Secret
  13. "Mathematics in this respect is psychedelic"
  14. What's the Cosmic Joke
  15. The illustrated Goddess

Appendix I:


Non-duality, non-separation, one-ness, those are the first ideas and awareness that I anticipated metasphere would locate and explain. It turns out such ideas have no locality and no explanation that can be directly observed. What has proven to be observable is the concentric ripple effect these ideas have in the waters of consciousness. Those ripples seem spherical and septenary in frequency.  

Recent brain science boasts of having found the "God spot" or pathology of a mystical propensity, even of the common propensity for a spiritual or religious outlook. In my case and in the infamous 1962 "Good Friday Experiment" (using divinity students in Boston University's Marsh Chapel), it could be said that "God spot" had been activated by LSD. However I have an alternate theory of that induced or "artful mysticism."

Science knows that activity in the brain consists of exchanges of molecules of various types; it is called brain chemistry. Suppose sufficient amounts of psychedelic essentially relaxes the system of barriers or door that otherwise are in place, that prevents the mind from manifesting the realization and observation that I have described. And suppose, as in my case, doors remained partly open for 17 years after LSD.

How would that be different than a long time yogi or ecstatic who has not ingested a substance, yet by some practice could write down an experience similar to mine. "It is said that Beethoven, who became entirely deaf in his later years, distinctly heard the performance of his compositions repeated in his head." So, perhaps hallucinate (wander in mind) is what one does when system barriers are down."

My definition of hallucination is not so much an affront on consensual reality but a window on consciousness via the mind; which is often confused and confounded even without psychedelics or yoga. Again this is not a defense of psychedelics and certainly not a dismissal of brain disorders, rather a celebration of Consciousness, a fresh, if not new perspective on the, so-called expansion of Consciousness.

The point should be made again that visual perspective as well as metaspheric perspective was not invented, no matter how inventive their use. That distinction contains the veracity of both perspectives. The visual artisan can draw a picture using the discovery of perspective and test the veracity of his rendering with a camera. The metaspherian must test veracity of the paradigm by other means.

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