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Chronicle Section Eleven:


I had found what I was looking for, a true discovery, not an invention. The vision was now considerably less blurred. The nagging was relieved. All that was left was to carefully sift out the commonality of structure among this diversity of metagraphic form. The 3 and 7 were the first commonality; the circle or sphere was the second, and that was sufficient discovery to make the leap to the altered state of word.

The enumeration 1 through 7 appears particularly in the expression of embodied spirit as a vertical ascent and descent of consciousness. However, my own experience stabilized not at the 7 th or " Sahasrara" (Skt); rather midway at the 4 th, the heart or "Anahata" (Skt), and was felt as a "horizontal" transit of energy, confirming that the seat of observation (experience) orbits the heart not the head.

That septenary was felt not as some arbitrary enumeration of glands or mystical energy centers, rather as a celebration of the universal symmetry of: 3+1+3, the very paradigm inherent in an awareness or consciousness of what is. That is my discovery. That is a metasphere. That is the reflexive triads, the one above and the one below, observed from the heart or seat of observation.

So, how do you get to that discovery? The fact is you cannot get there from here, because you are already there. That metasphere, that 3+1+3 paradigm is how you are put together, how you observe ordinary reality, how reality observes you. It is as ordinary a process as observing space and time. It is not a matter of belief, rather of an inherent perspective: metaspheric perspective.

I did not arrive at this realization at the library that summer. It was a 14-year process that had begun before writing the book and another long process even after the book was published, before I realized the full import of this simple paradigm. But, the part of it that I did realize and published, is how it explained the difference as well as oneness of observer, observation, and what is observed.

Before the book was finished, I had been dealing with what I thought were two distinct dilemmas. The first: the LSD experience of a reality-shift and second: the Millbrook interpersonal panic. What eventually began to resolve both was certainly the healing presence or grace that I spoke of earlier, but also simply the passage of time and serendipity. There was no strategy left other than the pursuit of metasphere.   

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