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Chronicle Section Thirteen:


When I spoke of presence in association with the event of surrender and ecstatic visitation, I had not yet heard the story told that would have provided a more comprehensible explanation of the "presence" than I had at the time. Supposedly of Hindu origin, it goes like this: "Once there was a little fish. That fish goes to the Queen Fish and says, "I have heard about the sea, but what is the sea?

Where is it? The Queen Fish explains: "You live, move, and have [your] being in the sea. The sea is without and within, inside and outside of you. You are made in the sea and you end in the sea. The sea surrounds you." The Queen Fish sees that the little fish does not quite understand. And the Queen Fish says, "If you know the sea, you will never gasp for water or be fearful of its depths."

The narrator goes on to say: "We don't see what is all around us because it is "presence." It is the sea we swim in, the space we live in. And I would add: the person we really are. The comfort I received and offer the reader who has entered "metasphere" accidentally or through means such as these writings, is that: duality need no longer be a bewildering, a suffering, or at worst: not seen for what it is.

The first adjustment made to my own bewildering realization was: "It is not that every thing is one thing" and "I am it," rather "everything is consciousness and that awareness is it." A second adjustment was: It is not that "it's all a game" and "others fear it ending. Rather, there is no other participant in consciousness than consciousness expressing itself in endless play."

I wish for you serendipitous happenings, spontaneous insight, grace given "love-bliss," and certainly presence. All that together could be considered a version of what the Vedas call: "Satchitananda", and what I would call "what is;" observed in an English language metasphere as the triad: "existenceconsciousnessbliss , and its reflexive counterpart: "feelingawarenessbeing."

For the metaspherian, or those readers now initiated into this simple paradigm, you may still have more to ponder in this writing. But for all the other published philosophy, metaphysica, and ontology, most does not have a handle on where we are in the scheme of reality or even if there is a schema. Use the skyhook of metasphere and you will discover there is a schema and you're it!

To some, my story may have read like a Kurt Vonnegut novel. As best I know, not even the hallucinations are a fiction. To put my confession in print provides the reader an excusable reason to discredit the book. On the other hand, by that same reasoning it provides the author with credentials of a sort. I believe that liberal readers can appreciate my trip, if only to compare notes to their own journey.


(Additional conclusions and explanations are in the following appendix.)

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